HVC All Aged 10th October 2016 at Little Pixhall Judges Rita Howard & Liza Brown

4th Trubon Flysse Trevive owner handler Suzi Burton



WCGB  Novice 20th October 2016 at Titsey Esate Hants

Judges Suzi Burton & Nigel Wroe

1st Wintertop Anzac GSP Marilyn Roberts

2nd Silvershot's Semper Fi for Kasmegs (Imp USA)  Wei  Mike Ede

3rd Sazmallin Isle Of Skye BI Paul McDonald

4th Aytee Jessie Jay GSP Harriet Lampart


Lothian & Borders Gundog Association Dunfries Novice 22nd October 2016

Judges Geoffrey Card & Kenny Hamilton

1st Ignaheims Bolt to Parhelis (Imp Nor) owner Sally Morgan handler Adrian Morgan



GSPC Open at Burncastle  3rd November 2016

Judges Maureen Nixon & Penny Pickstone

4th Trubon Flysse Trevive Suzi Burton


WCGB Open 5th November 2016 at Langholm The Borders Scotland

Judges Phil Pearson & Steve Pleasance

1st Redsky Rambler HWV Lorne Bunn

2nd Monkey Budsiness at Moorrunner GWP J Hay

3rd Stubblemere Evanesco GSP Mick Canham

4th Aytee Juniper GSP Lucie Hustler

COM were awarded to the following dogs

Ekkolander Tullibardine LM Karen Saynor

Lady Hawke Perdita GSP Louise Holmes

Tournesol Heriot at Bryanscroft Brittany Rory Major

Withams Friary Dallas GSP Gill Pillinger

Fechlindream Don KG J Hudson

Trubon Flysse Trevive  WeiSuzi Burtom

Trubon Delta Truffe Wei Suzi Burton 

Jaudas Heartn]beat  & guns award LM handler Rory Major owner TJ & L O'Connell


German Longhair Pointer Club Open at Elvenden Norfolk 24th November

Judges Sheila Kuban & Mark Firmin

COM Trubon Trevive Flysse Wei Suzi Burton


BWWGS Novice at Evesham 25th November

Judges Steve Chant & Simon Kirby

1st Silvershot's Semper Fi for Kasmegs Wei  Mike Ede

Fi on point Partridge 2



HWVC Novice trial at Ammerdown Somerset  17th December 2016

Judges Steve Kimberly & Mark Spearing

COM Trubon Grafyte Treve Wei Suzi Burton



WCGB All Aged 20th December at Hawkhurst

Judges Costas Wilkinson & Annie Jones

1st Silvershot's Semper Fi at Kasgmegs Mike Ede


 ISCGB Novice trial 29yth December at Hawkhurst

Judges Sheila Kuban & Alan Parr

2nd Trubon Grafyte Treve  Suzi Burton

Graf novice



Hampshire Gundog Open trial 5th January 2017 at Cambourne Isle of Wight

Judges Steve Kimberley & Mark Spearing

1st Silvershot's Semper Fi at Kasmegs Mike Ede


 BWWGS Novice trial  9th January 2017 at Ammerdown Somerset

Judges Allan Hender & Bill Pearson

COM  Trubon Grafyte Treve  Suzi Burton



GSPA All Aged trial 17th January 2017 at Hawkhurst Kent

Judges Chris Snelling & Christine Carpenter

Flysse Graf


2nd Trubon Flysse Trevive Suzi Burton

COM Trubon Grafyte Treve Suzi Burton



BWWGS  All Aged  21th January 2017 at Upton Pyne

Judges Rita Howard & Tim Bennett

COM Trubon Flysse Trevive  Suzi Burton



WorcesterGundog Open trial 22st January 2017

Judges Allan Hender & Mark Spearing

COM Trubon Flysse Trevive Suzi Burton


WCGB All Aged 24th January 2017 at Congleton Shoot Kent

Judges Rita Howard & Liza Brown

1st Trubon Flysse Trevive Suzi Burton







The Weimaraner is primarily a gundog. He belongs to the Hunt Point and Retrieve group and as such makes a good roughshooters dog. However he can also be worked on driven shoots either in the line or as a picking up dog. He also excels as a stalkers dog, readily able to track wounded and dead deer.

The Weimaraner has run in Field Trials since the early days. The first dogs to compete had to run in Pointer & Setters Trials and it was not until later that they could enter trials organised by the German Short haired Club. Colonel Tucker's bitch Lotti Go Lightly was the first Weimar to win a GSP Novice trial in 1967. Three years later in 1970 The Weimaraner Club was granted permission to hold Field Trials and in 1972 Colonel Tucker was to make breed history by winning the Club Novice trial with his homebred bitch Katie Go Lightly.