The Weimaraner Club of Great Britain Rescue & Rehoming Service has a long and successful history and is the only Weimaraner breed club to offer this service. The service is self financing

Why dogs come into rescue

  1. The new owners have not been advised of the true needs of a Weimaraner by the breeder and are unable cope
  2. Change of circumstance. Loss of a family home, loss of financial stability, break-up of a marriage, ill health or death of an owner, often result in a dog being placed for rehoming with rescue.
  3. A new baby joining the family and the owners do not have time to exercise the dog or pressure is put on them to rehome the dog for health reasons
  4. Work patterns have changed and the dog is being left all day and not coping and is becoming destructive or barking constantly
  5. A dog once it has passed the puppy stage is now pushing for dominance, either with its owner or other dogs in the pack or outside when being exercised
  6. The owners have been sold siblings and the dogs are fighting. This can also occur in dogs of a similar age range and sex.

How we re-home your dog

  1. We arrange a home visit to assess the dog within the home environment where possible
  2. We discuss the potential homes with you and put the new home in touch with you
  3. The decision to rehome is always up to the owner

Adopting a dog

  1. We arrange a home visit by a club member and their dog to meet all the family and any other family pets. They assess your family requirement, home environment and future ambitions (working, agility or a fireside companion). If you have never owned a Weimaraner then please read ‘Living with a Weimaraner’
  2. We do from time to time have dogs in kennels if the owners are no longer able to keep the animal until it can be rehomed.
  3. When a suitable dog has been found we will discuss the dog with you
  4. You will be asked to sign an Adoption form and if at anytime you cannot keep the dog Rescue must be notified and the dog returned to us for rehoming. The dog remains the property of the WCGB for the remainder of its lifetime.
  5. Rehomed dogs must not be bred from and if not already neutered you will be required to do this.
  6. Third party insurance taken out
  7. The Dogs in Need page shows the current dogs looking for homes but this is not always up to date due to the frequency of dogs coming in for rehoming.
  9. A DONATION is required and the money goes towards cost of kennelling dogs when necessary and veterinary fees whilst in our care

For the following dogs please contact Margarita Booker 01293 871373/07836789464 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



7yr old dog who is being rehomed because his owner has died.He has not lived with children or cats Good recall and good with most dogs.He is in kennels.

Sky & Harvey

Skye Harvey

8yr old spayed bitch & 6yr old castrated dog

Sky is good other dogs but Harvey can be wary. The dogs are used to children from babies upwards. they have not lived with cats. They are being rehomed as their owner is out at worlk all day & finding it a struggle to exercise the dogs. To be assessed.


Harvey 8yr

Harvey Hudson

 Castrated male dog who is being rehomed due to changes in his owners circumstances and not coping with being left Lovely dog calm with  visitors , lives with an ESS bitch but not cats. He will steal food if left out. he is good with visiting children. Harvey has in the past chased cyclist etc but his owner has worked on this behaviour and will now respond to the recall. He is good with other dogs and loves swinmming. Harvey is a fit healthy dog who enjoys 2 hours a day exercise. 


Diesel 5+


Castrated docked dog living with adult children but not cats. He is being rehomed due to his owners separating. He can be left for upto 4 hours.He loves people and other neutered dogs but can be wary of entire males. Excellent recall

 Harvey 9yr.

Castrated dog who has lived with a bitch and is being rehomed as his owner can no longer walk him due to ill health

He can be left upto 4 hours and is not destructive He is being fostered He has not lived with children or cats.


Lexi 3+

Entire bitch who is being rehomed as she is an escape artist.but she was being left from 7am-5pm with access to the garden. She has lived with a male Weimaraner 

She lived with children in her orginal home She has not lived with cats.Lexie suffers from Separtion Anxiety She is good with all dogs.

Polly 9yr

Spayed bitch who is being rehomed due to her owner suffering from Dementia. She has lived with an ESS bitch. To be assessed

 Skye 7 yrs


Spayed bitch who has lived  with children 5&3 but not a cat. She is being rehomed as her owners are  moving into rented accommodation and cannot take her with them. Skye can be quite vocal when visitors arrive She is being fostere


Please contact Gail Walker 07800523685 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the following dog

 Cooper 7yrs.


Castrated dog who is being rehomed due to his owners separating.Lived with adult children and a cat.He has good recall and travels well in the car. However Cooper does not like German Shepherds.